About Izanagi Streetwear

Izanagi Streetwear is an online streetwear and techwear store born in 2017.

Inspired by Japanese culture and Western streetwear codes. The online shop Izanagi Streetwear combines the best of both worlds by bringing a unique touch, representing the new Asian streetculture. Discover Streetwear and Techwear clothes that are out of the ordinary, with styles more stunning than the othe

Their goal is to develop a universe that results from a mix between their youthful influences and the Asian streetwear culture (whether Japanese, Korean or Chinese). This one is not well known in the West, but deserves more attention. It is with this idea that  Izanagi Streetwear appeared in the streetwear world.


 Izanagi Streetwear wants to bring its own touch. We work to offer diverse, original and innovative creations, with colorful themes, ranging from fluorescent to reflective. Everyone will find a garment that suits them. But they are also artistic and inspiring pieces, for both men and women.

Our collections aim to deliver premium quality products, we work with carefully selected suppliers in China and Japan. The clothes and accessories are made to be worn daily in a pure street style. With this in mind, we have decided to offer on our shop streetwear essentials allowing you toexpress your style in any situation.

The journey requires the full attention of our founders. That's why they work full time to offer you the best possible pieces and to reach their ambitions. Their dream is to expand internationally and open two physical stores, one in Paris and the other in Toronto..



You want to stand out with a unique streetwear style? We offer you a series of unique pieces. You will be able to develop an original style, out of the ordinary. Here is our range, directly from Japan, or inspired by Japanese culture.



 Izanagi Streetwear, our collection of streetwear t-shirts offers a wide choice of designs, on the chest and on the back. Between manga characters and Japanese legend, each piece has a particular effect, which will not make you go unnoticed when wearing it. For example, the Hannya t-shirt features the ghost of a jealous woman, who according to Japanese legend, comes back to earth to take revenge.

Made of 100% cotton, our products are available in black, white, grey, yellow or red. From size M to XXL, our t-shirt models are adapted to everyone. Know that these sizes are Asian and different from those of the West.

For a fitted effect, we advise you to take a size bigger than the one you usually take. For a oversize streetwear t-shirt, we recommend you to choose 2 sizes above. If this effect we recommend the Blackstar or Tatsuo models! These t-shirts are unisex, so both men and women can enjoy them!


You will also be able to find our streetwear hoodies, so you won't be cold when the temperatures drop. Here too, pay attention to the Asian size and add one or two sizes depending on the effect you want to have.

Essential piece of the urban wardrobe and streetwear boss, You will find elegant and comfortable pieces thanks to their cotton/polyester fabrication. The hood will protect you from the rain and can be tightened with the drawstrings. The kangaroo pocket in the center allows you to store all kinds of objects safely.